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Kokkola Material Week

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Highlights 2013


Production of energy, fuels and chemicals from biomass becomes more important in order to achieve the national and international objectives aiming at increasing the utilization of renewable energy resources and restrain the global warming. On 12th November in BioKokkola there were topics about biomass gasification and utilization of products and by-products of the gasification process as well as wireless measurement network in greenhouses and carbon dioxide recovery.


During the NanoKokkola day the audience had an amazing change to hear and learn about the new achievements within the nanotechnology sector. It became clear that when applying nano-innovations e.g. printed intelligence, MEMS based sensors or antibacterial surfaces to conventional products or processes one can not only gain competitive advantage but also savings through material and energy efficiency. The safety aspects of nanotechnology were also discussed from the innovation level until the end of the life-cycle. Within these discussions the importance of precautionary methods and common sense were addressed. As nanotechnology certainly is your running shoe in the global competition it is not a surprise that EU has listed nanotechnology as one of the key enabling technologies for Horizon 2020 program.


Possibilities for industrial enterprises to enhance competitiveness by introducing industrial symbiosis, material efficiency and energy efficiency were presented in the GreenKokkola seminar/event. Life cycle thinking from the perspective of SME`s was also discussed as well as on-line sensing of processes as an essential tool to improve resource efficiency.


Highlights of this topic will be added soon.


Highlights of this topic will be added soon.

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