Wednesday 13.11.2013, 9.00–20.00

Chairman Harry Sandström, Senior Consultant at Spinverse.

9.00Coffee and Registration
9.30Material Efficiency Creates New Business Opportunities

Juho Korteniemi, Ministerial Advisor at Ministry of Employment and The Economy
9.50Responsible Business – Case Carbon Footprint of Tulikivi Fireplace

Helena Moring, DI, Environmental Engineer at CRNet
10.20Industrial Energy Efficiency Research – Current Activities and Future Opportunities in Finland and Europe

Jussi Manninen, Program Manager at CLEEN Efficient Energy Use
10.50Life-Cycle Thinking from the Perspective of SME

Riina Antikainen, Dos., Senior Research Scientist at SYKE
11.20On-line Sensing and New Analytical Solutions – Essential Tools for Resource Efficient Production

Risto Oikari, Dr., Director of CEMIS
13.00Savings from Industrial Materials: Continuously Improved Material- and Resource-efficiency Leads to Enhanced Competitiveness

Tommi Lehtisalo, Consultant at Motiva
13.30Biomaterials – The Greener Solutions for Composite Industry

Antti Ojala, Dr., Senior Scientist, Dr. (D.Sc.) at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
14.00Landfill Mining: A Sustainable Approach Towards Green Environment

Amit Bhatnagar, Dr., Postdoctoral Researcher at Linnaeus University, Sweden
15.00Heat Pumps as Part of the Hybrid Solutions

Jussi Alpua, Product Manager at Oilon Scancool Oy
15.30Sustainable Industrial Solutions – Case KWH Mirka

Mats Sundell, D.Sc., (Tech.), R&D Director at KWH Mirka
16.00Sustainable Growth by Industrial Symbiosis

Jyri Arponen, Senior Lead, Business Development at SITRA
16.30Closing Remarks
17.00Excursion to Ketek’s Laboratories
19.45Transportation leaves from Kokkola City Hall to Conference Dinner at Villa Elba
20.00Conference Dinner at Villa Elba