Wednesday 13.11.2013, 9.00–20.00

Chairman Dr. Eeva Viinikka, Program Director of National Nanotechnology Cluster Programme

9.00Coffee and Registration
9.30Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Boosting Solar Energy and Batteries

Markku Heino, D.Sc. (Tech.), Senior Consultant at Spinverse Ltd
10.00Energy Applications with Carbon Nanotubes

Krisztián Kordás, Dr., Research Professor at University of Oulu
10.40Nanotechnology’s Economic Impact and Safety Issues Related to CNTs

Péter Krüger, Dr., Head of Bayer Working Group Nanotechnology
11.35Nanowaste – Potential Issues Related to the Waste Disposal and Recycling

Niina Nieminen, Development Manager at Technology Centre Ketek
13.00Nanocellulose – Potential Applications

Ulla Forsström, D.Sc. (Tech.), Principal Scientist at VTT
13.30PrintoCent, Unique New Business Opportunities within Printed Intelligence

Christian Sundell, Program Director at BusinessOulu Ltd
14.00Atomic Layer Deposition – Thin Film Solutions for Global Industries

Satu Ek, D.Sc. (Tech.), Project Manager at Picosun Oy
15.00Antibacterial Paints on Roof and Wall Surfaces

Marjo Remes, Color Designer at Teknos
15.30Realizing Diamond Superior Potential within Thermal Management

Gavin Farmer, Business Development at Carbodeon Ltd Oy
16.00MemsCat – Competitiveness and New Products from Sensor Solutions

Mika Koskenvuori, D.Sc. (Tech.), Program Director at Culminatum Innovation
16.30Closing Remarks
17.00Excursion to Ketek’s Laboratories
19.45Transportation leaves from Kokkola City Hall to Conference Dinner at Villa Elba
20.00Conference Dinner at Villa Elba