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    Kokkola Material Week 13.-18.11.2021 - Towards sustainable future

    See the program below!

      14.11 Pre KMW with Biovalley Finland

    What is happening right now and in the future in the energy sector? This question will be answered in Kokkola Material Week's pre-event, organized by Biovalley Finland. During this event, we will hear about the latest interesting energy solutions both from Finland and abroad. The pre-event will take place in the new Virtual Studio of Kpedu Media Center Lime. It is an ONLINE event that exploits artificial reality.

      15.11. Opening Seminar

      16.11. GeoKokkola

    GeoKokkola will continue the earlier year theme related to locally significant sustainable battery value chain, and mineral as well as circular economy related to this value chain. This year focus is in the refining of battery minerals, preparation of battery chemicals, and new solutions for circular economy.

      16.11. ReKokkola

      16.11. Industry Meeting Point

      17.11. BioKokkola

      17.11. Team Finland