Towards Sustainable Future

    The international Kokkola Material Week offers annual high-level coverage of current research and development prospects in the chemical, bio-economy and mineral economy sectors. Kokkola Material Week has evolved into a major networking event for industry and stakeholders. . This year hybrid seminar and for free.

    Towards Sustainable Future

    The 9th Kokkola Material Week will be held this year in Kokkola city-hall. Whether You are a researcher or an entrepreneur or decision maker, we are sure You’ll find inspiring topics in the program that focuses on sustainability.  

    The theme “Towards Sustainable Future” leads us to hear and discuss the versatile impacts that chemistry has on the geo- bio- and the circular economies, with more than 50 speakers in attendance.

    Welcome to Kokkola!

    Kokkola region is rich in entrepreneurship. It is an important location for world-class chemical industry and a major centre for Europe’s metallurgical and boat building industries. The port of Kokkola, the region’s growth engine, is an important port for mines in northern and eastern Finland, as well as for Russian transit traffic and hosts Finland’s only all-weather terminal.

    The Kokkola region has become one of Western Finland’s most popular tourism destinations, thanks to its glorious coastline, well-preserved wooden town Neristan, vibrant towns and cities and the Tankar lighthouse island in the outer archipelago of Kokkola.


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