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Kokkola Material Week

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Program 2013

The International Conference in Kokkola, Finland
12th to 15th November 2013


Tuesday 12th

Chairman Ulla Lassi, Professor, Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius / University of Oulu

Coffee and Registration 9.00  
Overview of the HighBio2 Project and the Publishment of HighBio2 Video 9.30 Henna Lempiäinen, Researcher and Project Coordinator at Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius
Research on Gasification and Biorefineries at the University of Jyväskylä 10.00 Jukka Konttinen, Professor at University of Jyväskylä
Small-scale Biomass Gasification – Challenges and Opportunities 10.30 Kari Pieniniemi, Researcher at Centria University of Applied Sciences
Catalytic Conversion of Purified Syngas to Fuels and Chemicals – Opportunities and Challenges 11.00 Henrik Romar, Researcher at Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius
Lunch 11.45  
CO2 Removal from Wood Gas 13.00 Juha Tanskanen, Professor at University of Oulu
CO2 Recovery from Syngas/Biogas Using Ionic Liquid 13.30 Yujiao Xie, Researcher at Luleå University of Technology, Sweden
Wireless Measurement Network in Greenhouse Project 14.00 Ilkka Kivelä, Researcher at Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius
Coffee break 14.30  
Utilisation Potential of Gasification Carbon Residue 15.00 Sari Kilpimaa, Researcher at University of Oulu
Biodegradability of Organic Compounds in Different Samples 15.30 Hanna Prokkola, Researcher at University of Oulu
Excursion to Research Laboratiories of Universities in Kokkola 16.00  
Cocktails at Kokkola City Hall (Ends at 19.00) 17.30  



Wednesday 13th

Chairman Dr. Eeva Viinikka, Program Director of National Nanotechnology Cluster Programme

Coffee and Registration 9.00  
Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Boosting Solar Energy and Batteries 9.30 Markku Heino, D.Sc. (Tech.), Senior Consultant at Spinverse Ltd
Energy Applications with Carbon Nanotubes 10.00 Krisztián Kordás, Dr., Research Professor at University of Oulu
Nanotechnology’s Economic Impact and Safety Issues Related to CNTs 10.40 Péter Krüger, Dr., Head of Bayer Working Group Nanotechnology
Nanowaste – Potential Issues Related to the Waste Disposal and Recycling 11.35 Niina Nieminen, Development Manager at Technology Centre Ketek
Lunch 12.00  
Nanocellulose – Potential Applications 13.00 Ulla Forsström, D.Sc. (Tech.), Principal Scientist at VTT
PrintoCent, Unique New Business Opportunities within Printed Intelligence 13.30 Christian Sundell, Program Director at BusinessOulu Ltd
Atomic Layer Deposition – Thin Film Solutions for Global Industries 14.00 Satu Ek, D.Sc. (Tech.), Project Manager at Picosun Oy
Coffee Break 14.30  
Antibacterial Paints on Roof and Wall Surfaces 15.00 Marjo Remes, Color Designer at Teknos
Realizing Diamond Superior Potential within Thermal Management 15.30 Gavin Farmer, Business Development at Carbodeon Ltd Oy
MemsCat – Competitiveness and New Products from Sensor Solutions 16.00 Mika Koskenvuori, D.Sc. (Tech.), Program Director at Culminatum Innovation
Closing Remarks 16.30  
Excursion to Ketek's Laboratories 17.00  
Transportation leaves from Kokkola City Hall to Conference Dinner at Villa Elba 19.45  
Conference Dinner at Villa Elba 20.00  



Wednesday 13th

Chairman Harry Sandström, Senior Consultant at Spinverse

Coffee and Registration 9.00  
Material Efficiency Creates New Business Opportunities 9.30 Juho Korteniemi, Ministerial Advisor at Ministry of Employment and The Economy
Responsible Business – Case Carbon Footprint of Tulikivi Fireplace 9.50 Helena Moring, DI, Environmental Engineer at CRNet
Industrial Energy Efficiency Research – Current Activities and Future Opportunities in Finland and Europe 10.20 Jussi Manninen, Program Manager at CLEEN Efficient Energy Use
Life-Cycle Thinking from the Perspective of SME 10.50 Riina Antikainen, Dos., Senior Research Scientist at SYKE
On-line Sensing and New Analytical Solutions – Essential Tools for Resource Efficient Production 11.20 Risto Oikari, Dr., Director of CEMIS
Lunch 12.00  
Savings from Industrial Materials: Continuously Improved Material- and Resource-efficiency Leads to Enhanced Competitiveness 13.00 Tommi Lehtisalo, Consultant at Motiva
Biomaterials – The Greener Solutions for Composite Industry 13.30 Antti Ojala, Dr., Senior Scientist, Dr. (D.Sc.) at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Landfill Mining: A Sustainable Approach Towards Green Environment 14.00 Amit Bhatnagar, Dr., Postdoctoral Researcher at Linnaeus University, Sweden
Coffee Break 14.30  
Heat Pumps as Part of the Hybrid Solutions 15.00 Jussi Alpua, Product Manager at Oilon Scancool Oy
Sustainable Industrial Solutions – Case KWH Mirka 15.30 Mats Sundell, D.Sc., (Tech.), R&D Director at KWH Mirka
Sustainable Growth by Industrial Symbiosis 16.00 Jyri Arponen, Senior Lead, Business Development at SITRA
Closing Remarks 16.30  
Excursion to Ketek's Laboratories 17.00  
Transportation leaves from Kokkola City Hall to Conference Dinner at Villa Elba 19.45  
Conference Dinner at Villa Elba 20.00  



Thursday 14th

Chairman Michael Hagström, Environmental Director at City of Kokkola

Excursions to Ketek's Laboratories and Research Laboratiories of Universities in Kokkola 8.15  
Coffee and Registration 9.00  
Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis over Cobalt Catalysts: State of the Art and Examples from Natural Gas and Biomass Conversion to Fuels 9.30 Edd A. Blekkan, Professor at NTNU, Norway
Challenges for Silicon as Negative Electrode for Li-ion Batteries 10.15 Kristina Edström, Professor at Uppsala University, Sweden
Battery Materials and Battery Recycling 11.00 Jan Tytgat, Dr., Senior Manager at Umicore, Belgium
Novel Battery Designs Using Carbon Fibre Electrodes – A Route Towards Truly Structural Batteries 11.45 Simon Leijonmarck, Dr., Swerea SICOMP, Sweden
Lunch 12.15  
Battery Research in Kokkola – Benefits of Testing Laboratory 13.30 Ulla Lassi, Professor at Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius / University of Oulu
Catalytic Purification of Industrial Wastewaters 14.00 Albin Pintar, National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia
Coffee Break 14.30  
Insights into Surface Modifications of Adsorbents for Metals Removal from Water 15.00 Amit Bhatnagar, Postdoctoral Researcher at Linnaeus University, Sweden
Water Speciation of Metals at Concentrated Solutions 15.30 Arja Sarpola, R&D Leader at Oulu Water Alliance
Closing Remarks 16.00  
Excursion to Kokkola Industrial Park, bus leaves from Kokkola City Hall 16.30  
Dinner at Kokkola City Hall 20.00  



Thursday 14th to Friday 15th

Chairman Rasmus Pinomaa, Muoviteollisuus ry

Muoviteollisuus ry
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Research laboratories of universities in Kokkola have excellent facilities for research and education in the field of chemistry and chemical engineering. Main research areas are battery materials and catalytic materials in biomass conversion and water treatment applications. Chemical reactors and analytical devices locate in three chemistry research laboratories. In addition, there is the battery research laboratory and Chemplant pilot plant with reactor capacities of 100–200 litres.

Research laboratiories of Universities in Kokkola tour on Tuesday 12th at 4 PM.


Kokkola Industrial Park is the largest inorganic production site in Scandinavia. Well developed logistical connections, synergy and positive atmosphere for industry have attracted chemical industry to locate in Kokkola. As strongly developing site, new space for industrial activities has been created, and tight network of connections, infrastructure (pipelines, railways, roads..) and services easy establishing and maintaining the chemical production at the site. Kokkola Industrial Park has diverse chemical production, metallurgy and supportive activities: base chemical production, intermediates, fine chemicals, specialty chemicals, zinc metallurgy, petrochemicals (oil terminal) and several other production and activities.

Kokkola Industrial Park tour on Thursday 14th at 4 to 6 PM.


Baltic Yachts is today a well-known builder of high performance sailing boats that are exclusive, tailor-made dream yachts of high quality material. They build custom yachts up to 200+ feet, and their business vision is to be one of the leading boat building companies in the world. In order to build light and strong yachts they utilize the latest high-tech materials and methods, but are also pioneers in research and development. Baltic Yachts is an independent company firmly rooted in Ostrobothnia on the west coast of Finland where the skilful people working at our yard have a huge knowledge of boat building and can make almost any sailing dream come true. This is a heritage based on local boat building traditions spanning as far back as the early 13th century. All this helps create the special Baltic Family spirit, a unique spirit which is well-known to all our customers, partners and friends.

Baltic Yachts tour on Friday 15th at 1 to 4 PM.


Technology Centre Ketek offers analysis and testing services for companies and coordinates several R&D projects. In our unique 1 000 m2 chemistry & material science laboratory it is possible to carry out composition analysis, environmental and corrosion testing, mechanical testing, structural analysis and thermal & thermo mechanical analysis. Ketek has a great variety of different analysis equipment e.g. ICP-MS (in cleanroom), bomb calorimeter, compounder, XRD, TGA, HPLC, DSC and DMA. A great addition to the laboratory is a pilot environment for laser welding and cladding. The full equipment list and more about the provided laboratory services can be found at ketek.fi/en/analysis-and-testing-services. Welcome!

Ketek's laboratories are open for visits every day during the conference week.

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