The Kokkola Material Week, held annually, provides a high-level overview of current research and development perspectives in chemistry, bioeconomy, and mineral economy. This year’s event will take place from November 11th to 14th, 2024. It’s an excellent opportunity for networking!

For the 12th time, this event offers a fantastic chance to showcase your company or organization’s activities to visitors interested in the themes of Kokkola Material Week.
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Additional Information:

Visit Kokkola / Milla Kulmala, milla.kulmala@visitkokkola.fi or +358 44 7809 714.

The exhibition space reserved for exhibitors is located in the Gamlakarlebyaula at Kokkola City Hall.

Each exhibitor space includes a table (182cm x 74cm x 74cm) covered with a dark tablecloth.

Exhibitors can set up their tables starting from Monday afternoon, November 11th.

Initially, we are selling only 3-day booth spaces for Tuesday, November 12th, through Thursday, November 14th, as long as spots are available. Price: €2000 for 3 days (the currently valid VAT is added to the price)

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