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21.11. Nordic Hydrogen Forum
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23.11. Thursday

The international Kokkola Material Week offers annual high-level coverage of current research and development prospects in the chemical, bio-economy and mineral economy sectors.

11.11. Saturday

Open Day @ Chydenia Center

Open Days @ Chydenia shopping center on Saturday!
Saturdays event brings out chemical industry, bioeconomy and battery technology to shoppers visiting Chydenia on the 11th of November. Stay tuned for more info!

20.11. Monday


Central Ostrobothnia is growing and developing – are we ready for the change?

Industries are developing and growing, which means that diverse skills are needed now and in the future. This applies to the Kokkola region as well as the whole of Finland. Where and how to find skilled workforce? How to attract and retain newcomers? Above all – are we ready for the change? Follow the vibrant livestream with excellent speakers on Monday 20th of November and dive into the topic!  

Venue: Livestream from LIME-studio

Host: Kokkola Material Week host Johannes Malkamäki


Mika Palosaari
, Director General,
Centre of Economic Development, Transport and the Environment


Where to find workforce?
Statistical information on labor availability,

Elina Pylkkänen, Under-Secretary of State,
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland


Kokkola Industrial Park – the growing and developing industrial
area needs diverse skills, 
Lea Pellinen, HR manager
Umicore Finland Oy   


The perspective of higher education,
Jyrki Rajala, Talent Boost Coordinator,
Centria University of Applied Sciences


Working life and the demands of employees are changing – are we meeting the needs of future generations?


Panel discussion:
Central Ostrobothnia is growing and developing –
Are we ready for the change?


  • Lea Pellinen
    HR Manager, Umicore Finland Oy
  • Francesca Cucinotta
    Director, International Affairs, Centria University of Applied Sciences
  • Matthieu Guinard,
    HRD Specialist, KIP Service Ltd
  • Emine Karakan, Head of integration and international recruitment services Unit, KEHA-keskus
  • Elina Pylkkänen, Under-Secretary of State,
    Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland

TE-live producer and host Jasmin Granholm


Closing remarks

21.11. Nordic Hydrogen Forum

KMW Side event

Venue: Kokkolasali at Kokkola City Hall

More information and registration here >>> 

21.11. Tuesday

Opening Seminar

The seminar week opens officially on Tuesday 21st of November, when the Opening Seminar takes place at Kokkola City Hall. We will hear plenty of interesting and timely presentations about sustainable industrial development. Some of the speakers are already announced, but we are still hiding a couple of secrets up our sleeves… There will also be a great opportunity for networking while listening to the tunes of wonderful Kokkola based musicians.

Venue: Kokkolasali at Kokkola City Hall

Host: Kokkola Material Week host Johannes Malkamäki




Welcome words, Stina Mattila, Mayor of Kokkola


Opening Speech, Kai Mykkänen, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change




Taia Kronborg, Chief Business Officer, Lhyfe


Peter Tornberg, Chief Commercial Officer, OX2


Coffee and chats


Tom Van Bellinghen, Senior Director OEM Marketing & Sales, Umicore






Closing words


Music, food and networking

22.11. Wednesday


The GeoKokkola morning session on Wednesday 22nd of November will cover topics from the regionally central sustainable battery value chain to the closely related mineral and circular economy. This year the focus is on the clean transition, the EU’s new Battery Regulation and reviews from operators, as well as innovative measures to utilize raw materials in the mineral sector. GeoKokkola is co-organised by Geological Survey of Finland GTK, KPEDU and Kokkola University Centre Chydenius/University of Oulu.

Venue: Kokkolasali at Kokkola City Hall

Host: Kokkola Material Week host Johannes Malkamäki




Keynote:  The Challenges of the Green Transition – Minerals are the answer, but which ones, Simon Michaux, Associate Research Professor, Geological Survey of Finland


New EU Battery regulation – more focus on raw material streams, Jouni Nissinen, Senior Specialist, Ministry of the Environment of Finland


Pia Vilenius, CEO, Finnish Battery Industries


Sibanye-Stillwater’s Keliber lithium project


Coffee break


Julia Engström, Director, Northvolt AB


Hannu Johto, Battery Industry Lead, Sweco Industry Oy


This is how we apply Tapojärvi’s circular economy thinking in the Kolari mining project, Jaana Koivumaa, Manager, Hannukainen Mining


Sustainability as a driving force – Tracegrow,  Kimmo Hyvärinen, CEO, Tracegrow Oy


GeoKokkola seminar ends


Venue: Kokkolasali at Kokkola City Hall

Host: Kokkola Material Week host Johannes Malkamäki


Opening words,

Virve Heikkinen, Environmental manager,  KIP Service &
Chairman of KIP Environmental group


Catalyzing sustainable circular economy: Case Kokkola Industrial Park, Hanna Lehtimäki, professor, University of Eastern Finland


New products from sidestreams of the bioproduct factory,
Johanna Laukkanen, Development Engineer, NordFuel


Transforming conventional oil refining into new era,
Juha Moilanen, Director, Strategic Project Development, Neste Oyj


Opportunities of circular economy in novel fiber products, Ali Harlin, Research professor VTT


Coffee break


Kokkola Industrial Park: Industrial circular economy over 50 years

  • New circular economy products
    Jarmo Sillanpää, Environmental manager, Boliden Kokkola Ltd
  • Changing the workwear service with circular economy
    Annastina Liedes, Business manager, Clewor Ltd
  • Circular Economy at TETRA, Christina Holtenäs, TETRA Chemicals Europe


Kickstart your circular journey: capturing value from the Circular Economy, Mira Valkjärvi, RDI specialist, Centria University of Applied Sciences


Closing remarks

Industry Meeting Point

Venue: Kokkolasali at Kokkola City Hall

Host: Kokkola Material Week host Johannes Malkamäki

Welcome to Industry Meeting Point, the ultimate networking session for those eager to forge new industrial partnerships and collaborations. If you’re on the lookout for groundbreaking opportunities, this event is tailor-made for you. The event includes e.g. Kokkola Industrial Park (KIP) operators and Kokkola Sports Park Alliance.

Please note that Industry Meeting Point is an in-person event. It’s a unique chance to step away from the digital realm and engage in genuine, meaningful interactions. Mark your calendars and make your way to the City Hall – this is where possibilities become realities. See you there!


Opening words

23.11. Thursday


BioKokkola, organized on Thursday 23rd of November, will again this year highlight the hot topics, opportunities, and business case studies of the bioeconomy. The first theme of the morning will focus on sustainable food production from the perspective of both human and animal nutrition, while the second theme will look at the latest research on circular fertilizers and soil improvers. BioKokkola is organized by Centria University of Applied Sciences and Luonnonvarakeskus.

Venue: Kokkolasali at Kokkola City Hall

Host: Kokkola Material Week host Johannes Malkamäki




Avajaissanat, Asmo Honkanen, kehittämispäällikkö, Luke

Teema 1:

Kestävä ruoantuotanto


Solumaatalous: mikrobeja ja keinolihaa, Susanna Rokka, erikoistutkija, Luke


Development of meat analogues, Alvija Salaseviene, Kaunas University of Technology


Sellu- ja etanoliteollisuuden jäteliemen hyödyntäminen eläinrehujen raaka-aineeksi,  Heikki Keskitalo, Business Development Manager, eniferBIO Oy



Teema 2:

Kierrätyslannoitteet ja maanparannusaineet


Maakierto KP ja Kiertolannoite -tutkimusnäkökulmat, Emilia Niittyviita, TKI-asiantuntija, Centria-ammattikorkeakoulu


Rikastushiekan käyttö turvetuotannosta vapautuneen alueen maanparannuksessa, Lasse Aro, Luke


Mikko Joensuu, COO, Tracegrow Oy


Aamupäivän yhteenveto


Tilaisuus päättyy

Clusters and Co-operation

Enhancing sustainability and creating business opportunities through clusters and Nordic cooperation

Discover the Essence of Collaboration, join us for an informative session: Thursday 23rd of November afternoon’s program, organized by actors in the Team Finland -network, is all about the importance of clusters and co-operation. We will hear about experiences, thoughts and hands-on tools from Finnish and Danish experts working in and with clusters. The importance of co-operation both regionally and internationally, with a particular emphasis on the Nordics, will also be addressed. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with experienced cluster and collaboration professionals and acquire concrete ideas that can help transform your business!


Clusters and Nordic collaboration – why do we need them?  Viexpo


The importance of cooperation for investments, Paula Erkkilä, CEO, Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce


Renewal and growth through ecosystems – innovation and investments in clusters, Ulf-Erik Widd, Account Manager, Accounts & Ecosystems, Business Finland


Our vision: the world’s most functional industrial ecosystem, Johanna Hylkilä, Executive Director, Kokkola Industrial Park


Coffee & networking break


Keynote Speaker: Shaping the Green Transition,
Charlotta Risku, General Manager Innovation and Sustainability, Mirka


Keynote Speaker:
Building an Innovation Cluster for Defence, Space & Security,
Klaus Bolving, CEO, CENSEC – Center for Defence, Space & Security


Grande Finale

Kokkola Material Week speakers

What is happening now and in the future in the chemical industry, bioeconomy and battery technology? It will become clear at Kokkola Material Week. See the speaker introductions below!

Kokkola Material Week seminars are completely free for participants!

Kai Mykkänen
Minister of the Environment and Climate Change
Christina Holtenäs
CEO / TETRA Chemicals Europe
Jaana Koivumaa
Manager / Hannukainen Mining
Ulf-Erik Widd
Account Manager, Accounts & Ecosystems / Business Finland
Jasmin Granholm
Producer reporter / The Employment and Economic Development Office Ostrobothnia
Klaus Bolving
Business Development Director / CenSec
Asmo Honkanen
Senior advisor / Luonnonvarakeskus/LUKE
Jarmo Sillanpää
Environmental manager / Boliden Kokkola Oy
Jouni Nissinen
Senior specialist / YM, Ministry of the Environment Finland
Lasse Aro
Tutkija / Luonnonvarakeskus
Charlotta Risku
General Manager Innovation and Sustainability / Mirka
Johanna Hylkilä
Executive Director / KIP Association
Stina Mattila
Mayor / The City of Kokkola
Virve Heikkinen
Environmental Manager, Chairman of the KIP environmental working group / KIP Service Oy, KIP Association
Juha Moilanen
Director, Strategic Project Development / Neste
Paula Erkkilä
CEO / Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce
Johanna Laukkanen
Development engineer / NordFuel Oy
Simon Michaux
Associate Professor / GTK
Annastina Liedes
Liiketoimintapäällikkö / Clewor Oy
Mira Valkjärvi
RDI specialist / Centria University of Applied Sciences
Hanna Lehtimäki
Professor / University of Eastern Finland
Heikki Keskitalo
Liiketoiminnan kehityspäällikkö / Eniferbio
Susanna Rokka
Erikoistutkija / Luonnonvarakeskus
Emilia Niittyviita
TKI-asiantuntija / Centria-ammattikorkeakoulu Oy
Elina Pylkkänen
Alivaltiosihteeri / TEM
Johannes Malkamäki
Kokkola Material Week host
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