Using Tavata networking service

Tavata is an easy-to-use event and networking platform, which allows you to attend events and boost your networking! Remember to sign up to Tavata before the actual event day, so you have the time to get to know other participants and arrange meetings with them in advance.

How it works:

1.Register and create a user profile

Go to https://app.tavata.events/signup and register or login. After logging in, update your user profile (personal or company) and remember to save your changes.

2. Join an event

Click ‘+Join by code’ button (+ in mobile) from the top of the page and join the Industry Meeting Point -event with the code 24Z7. You will find the event later from the tab My own groups and events. Having gotten into the event, you will first arrive to the event wall, from where you will find some basic information and instructions. Go also check out the upcoming event program and get to know partners / exhibitors.

3. Create your event specific profile

Next go to My Profile tab, and fill in your event specific profile. These settings will help you in networking and finding the right contacts for you.

3.1. Choose your role in the event
3.2. Answer to the additional questions that the organizer might have added
3.3. Write your event pitch or use the pitch from your user profile. Remember that the profiles with an introduction text stand out and usually get more contact requests from other attendees than the ones without one!
3.4. Select sections that suit you best under Offering & seeking
3.5. Add tags (e.g. keywords, services, ideas you offer). Add a tag and then press enter

Remember to save the changes!

4. Find new contacts and arrange meetings starting from the 13th of November!

Go to People tab and find other people attending the event. Tavata’s automatic matchmaking will automaticly suggest the most suitable contacts for you based on Offering & Seeking selections you made before. You can also search and filter the attendees using other filtering tools. When you find a person you would like to chat with, press the handshake icon in their profile card and send a message or book a meeting. The meeting invitations are sent to attendee’s email and can also be found from My Schedule tab.

5. Plan and manage your event day

In My Schedule tab you can plan and manage your day. From your own schedule you will find your upcoming meetings. You can also enter the times, when you are not available for meetings (My Schedule -> Add own scheduled item -> Description e.g. having lunch). Adding your own item therefore blocks the times from your schedule when you are not available.

Contact Tavata’s customer service, we are here to help!

+35844 7446020